About Me

Hi. I'm Naphtha. That's obviously not my real name, because I don't like telling the entire internet my real name. If you want a pseudonym, go with "Naphtha Nepanthez."

Oh, also, I'm really bad at describing myself - so bear with me here. Put simply, I like computers, and I write funky code (primarily in C, now at least). You may find some of it a little interesting.

I strongly encourage people to use free (as in freedom) and open source software as opposed to proprietary garbageware. I like complaining about proprietary software a lot. Especially Windows. Please don't use Windows. Anything is better than Windows. I'd even be happier if you used ReactOS instead. Just.. just stop using Windows.

You'll probably find a lot of my rants on this website. I get a bit angry sometimes, but, you know, I balance it out by being equally happy at other times, because if I didn't do that I'd be dead. That's life.

Wow, that got dark pretty quick. See, I'm bad at describing myself. Pretend I never said this.

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