Commercial Support

I'm a pretty short on cash right now, so if you're looking for help using any of my software or you'd just simply like me to take a look at fixing something wrong with your computer, or even if you'd just like to consult me for help or hosting stuff, please feel free to contact me and we can arrange something.

Tell me what you'd like help with, and I'll give you a reasonable price. Some things, like fixing your Windows installation, might require considerably more effort, and thus I'll have to tell you the price after I've analyzed the problem or even finished fixing it. It depends on what you want.

Whatever your problem is, I'll go through the solutions step by step with you in the hopes that you might learn something and benefit from the exchange, perhaps even saving you money in the future by allowing you to solve problems independently. Essentially, I'll try to keep you "in sync" with my thought process so you don't end up confused or thinking that I've pulled off some kind of magic trick. You deserve to know what's going on, it's as simple as that really. Especially in the case of computer repair. I mean, It's your computer. It's your right to know what's happening to it.

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